News from the Road

Hey guys, Thayne here (not Kristyn). We’re wrapping up our first week of tour and heading into our second weekend of out of town shows. We’re eating lots of sandwiches, sleeping very little, and having a lot of fun. We’ll keep posting updates as our tour continues. Hopefully will have some stories of tour shenanigans to share with you all in the future!


Signed to Air House Records

We are excited to announce that we are now signed to Air House Records, an awesome Wichita label that releases records some of our favorite Wichita bands ever, like Paper Airplanes, The World Palindrome, Solagget, and The Wonder Revolution. We’re going to be working on a new record this winter, and we are super pumped to make music and get the word out about this awesome label. So excited that we could get this opportunity and that it could be with a label that is both awesome and local.

That Familiar Smell of a New Website

After months of “settling in” we finally have a new and permanent home on the web!  Come and visit us anytime.  We’ll be posting frequently from the road, and you can expect to find an ever-evolving array of content here, from Kristyn’s film photos, to Will’s videos, my (Thayne’s) ramblings, and whatever the heck comes from Nick (which can be anything).  In addition to our other social media, this website will be a great spot to stay updated on everything that’s happening with us.  Check out our merch, take a look at our Youtube channel, or make plans to catch the next show happening near you.  It’s all here!  So come on in, grab a cup of coffee (or whatever you prefer), and make yourself comfortable.